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About Us


About Us.



Watch Bitz is a business born from the frustration of an inability to purchase well priced tools, parts and accessories for watchmaking in Australia.


We are a small group, with varying backgrounds, but all with a love of horology.

Countless hours of research, and experience gained from working as watch repairers, and with a number of watchmakers, have lead to the creation of this site.


We hope to offer, not only a large, well priced selection of tools, parts, and assortments, but also a source of information for watchmakers, repairers, and those just interested in horology as a hobby.


We will continue to update this site, with the latest on equipment, parts and pricing, as well as useful information in the form of FAQ’s, tips and tricks, links to resources, and cross reference charts of a range of parts.

We have accumulated a vast and broad knowledge base, which we are happy to pass on to all.


We believe our sourcing to be 2nd to none, so if the item required is available, we think it can be found!

To this end, we welcome enquiries for those seemingly impossible to find items.


We already work as sourcing agents for a number of watchmakers, who find our services indispensible, and would like to assist you as well, however we can.


Our pricing structure, is by necessity, geared around volume. Registration on the site will offer a wholesale price structure, with quantity discounts available on selected items.


So if you need an answer, on a watch related matter, send us an email, and we will do our best to help.


The Watch Bitz team.


 ABN: 50168938709