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Tool Kit.

Tool Kit.
Product Information

Quality Tool Kit

Here at Watch Bitz, we have been working for some time now, to put together a kit of top quality tools. And with this, we hope we have achieved it.

If you are a member of a watch forum, please register prior to ordering, and name your forum, so we can apply your special discount.


It comprises-

A/ Dust blower- Small and compact, with a valve & nozzle. A better quality item than most.

B/ 2 pr Venus tweezers- Swiss made, quality tweezers, in sizes 12 & 14.

C/ Screwdrivers/set of 5. These are without a doubt, the best made drivers coming out of the East. S/S bodies,(not chrome over brass), an enclosed bearing attachment between swivel head and body, (not shrink tube like most),nicely knurled body, and a shaft length a little longer than normal for bigger Western hands. These latest set also include pin vice style blade holders, which allows for double ended blades., and we are now supplying an extra set of blades.

D/ Bracelet Pin pusher- We have used one of these for nearly five years and can’t fault it. A great little unit, comes with 2 spare pins 

E/ Hammer, this one is pretty much the standard around town, and there isn’t much better.

F/ Loupe with wire. We debated long and hard over this and have decided to go with the wire headband with a 5X loupe, as the most appropriate. Should anyone want a different mag, we will try to accommodate.(3X optional)

G/ Case back tool. We have included the Multi Point tool for this task. Any of the Jaxa style, only open to a maximum of around 42-43mm, whereas this will open out to around 47-48mm with an adjustment. So it will fit the bigger case backs we see so often of late. It also offers a wider variety of fittings for various case back styles, so it is much more versatile.

H/ Also included is a “crab claw” case back opener. These are just a wonderful, quick and easy little tool which will handle maybe 80% of all case back opening jobs. When it gets too difficult for this little wonder, the Multi Point is a great fall back.

I/ A pair of movement holders. Another industry standard tool. 

J/ 1x watch case holder. We are including our newly discovered bench mount holder for this job. These are very well engineered, and come with non marring brass posts. A few steps above the run of the mill case holder!

K/ Case back knife, A Bergeon style tool in a black protector pouch. This sports a high quality s/s blade for better life, and it will take far more sharpening than the normal knife found in these kits.

L/ Spring bar tool, Again our industry standard model, and we supply it with a spare tip as standard, 

M/ Polishing cloth. Good quality cleaning cloth for glass and acrylic.

N/ Tub of grease, Indispensable in any tool kit, a small tub of silicone grease for O rings and countless other jobs.

O/ Hands Remover-Most requested item, and an industry standard. . 

P/ Hands fitter, This is a double ended hands fitter with nylon tips. Will cover most hand fitting jobs.

Q/ Rodico. An essential addition- for a hundred different cleaning tasks.

R/ New addition. A Bergeon Dial protector.

S/ Also new- A set of lever style hand removers.

T/ And-A baggy of assorted spring bars 16-24mm

U/ A good quality and attractive travel pouch is provided to safely store and transport your tools.


You will not find a handpicked kit, full of higher quality tools, like this, anywhere else!                   













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